28.09.2021 to 28.09.2021 | Concert


Beethoven at Tannenbusch Grammar School

The music theatre play "Päule"

The genre of music theatre offers a good opportunity to introduce lower school pupils to the music of the composer L.v. Beethoven.

This idea has been pursued by the project team of the Tannenbusch-Gymnasium, which consists of the music teacher Hilde Lückge and Oliver Müllenbach, the art teacher Andreas Reichel and the drama teacher Aenne Busmann, since the beginning of the work.

A story they invented themselves, entitled "PÄULE", serves as the basis for the music pedagogical project.

The socio-critical "libretto" (written by Aenne Busmann), tells the story of an orphaned boy who has to fight his way through his still very young life in the second half of the 19th century alone and in the process has many an adventure.

For the atmospheric, musical background, mainly choir and solo songs as well as piano and instrumental music by Beethoven are used.

In addition, the young students learn about Beethoven's lifelong involvement with society, politics and the humanistic ideals he so intimately embodied.


Aula des Tannenbusch-Gymnasiums
Hirschberger Str. 3
53119 Bonn

Admission prices

The entrance is free.


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