Passion Songs – the Suffering Beethoven

The Evangelical Brass Choirs of Bonn Rhein-Sieg Play Passion Music. Musical director: State Brass Choir Director KMD Jörg Häusler

A contemplative evening during Lent.

Presenters: Michael Geffert and Friedemann Schmidt-Eggert

How does the Christian faith deal with suffering? Which perceptions and models exist, for example, in traditional songs and chorales? What do other religions say? Beethoven suffered from various diseases throughout his life. He suffered great pain at times, particularly towards the end of his life. How did he deal with it? How can suffering be transformed? And what does this have to do with transcendence?


Versöhnungskirche Bornheim
Königstraße 21
53332 Bornheim

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Admission is free of charge.


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