08.09.2021 | Dance

"Pavane for Prometheus"

Romeo Castellucci direction, stage design, costumes

Scott Gibbons Music

Gloria Dorliguzzo Choreography

Claudia Castellucci


He stole fire from the gods, gave it to the people and was cruelly punished for it - Prometheus. Like hardly any other material, the Prometheus myth has inspired different interpretations and readings for centuries. Around 1800, the Titan was above all considered a courageous adversary against authority and tyranny, a philanthropist and the originator of civilisation - Beethoven's "Creatures of Prometheus" also reflect this perspective.

However, new questions are now being asked about the figure of Prometheus. The ambivalence of the term "progress" has become visible, the possible self-destruction of the world through ideologies of feasibility and belief in technology. For the Beethovenfest 2021, the celebrated director Romeo Castellucci will deal with Prometheus, the bearer of light and fallen hero. Like no other he knows how to bring antique fabrics into the present. For his performative installation, he transforms the empty Victoria Bath with its unique aura of the past, absence and oblivion into a "Promethean" space in which the existential urgency of the mythological material is renegotiated.


Franziskanerstraße 9
53113 Bonn

Admission prices

€ 25
Standing room (playing time approx. 60 min.) | not barrier-free
Minimum age 14 years

Ticket information

bookable immediately


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