09.09.2021 to 09.09.2021 | Concert

Reading Concert: On the 250th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven

Christoph Soldan is a versatile artist. As a pianist and conductor, he has been touring the world for 30 years. For the Beethoven Year 2020, which celebrates the 250th anniversary of the great composer's birth, Christoph Soldan has chosen a programme that highlights the composer's relationships with his beloved women.


Together with his wife, Stefanie Goes, he reads from Beethoven's correspondence with Josephine Gräfin von Deym. A special relationship develops in Beethoven's relationship with the von Brunsvik family, to whom he dedicates several sonatas. These include such contrasting works as the "Appassionata", which became famous in the 19th century and was dedicated to Franz von Brunsvik, and the follow-up work, the two-movement F-sharp major sonata, which is addressed to his sister Therese and therefore bears the name "a Thérese". At the end, however, this reading concert also addresses the question of who actually was the addressee of his famous love letter with the salutation "My angel, my everything, my I". Beethoven's letter opened up numerous speculations. Christoph Soldan and Stefanie Goes follow the secured, musical traces in Beethoven's life and in this way try to find an answer.


Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1
48599 Gronau

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VVK: 15,00 €
AK: 20,00 €

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