10.09.2021 | Concert


SingBeethoven inspires!


Under the direction of Friedhilde Trüün, Honorary Professor for Children's Choir Conducting and Voice Training, students in our trial stage will work on 12 original and reworked works by L. v. Beethoven, both chorically and biographically, during a project week and then perform them in this concert.

The songs are rehearsed in a playful and active way with Beethoven's music and offer the children the opportunity to experience and develop their own voice. Each child can play a creative role in the process. One of the key elements in the process is the ability to grasp songs by heart, both in their melody and in the text. For this purpose, they invent e.g. individual gestures that help with both the text and vocal articulation and are adopted by the whole group. Ms Trüün's programme contains musical "pearls" of the great composer. In addition, biographical backgrounds in the form of little stories and anecdotes are presented as a red thread and link in the concert.

Ludwig van Beethoven is considered the most frequently performed classical composer. He was a radical artist who constantly reinvented himself and his music, expanding its boundaries and challenging society. He inspired us worldwide. The combination of memorable texts, 'modern' jazz accompaniment by the Ensemble Frank Schlichter and a biographical framework in this project offers children and listeners without previous classical experience the opportunity to experience the sound artist Beethoven as an inspiring, contemporary and valuable part of our cultural heritage.


Wilhelmshöhe Menden
Schwitterweg 29
58706 Menden

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