09.07.2021 to 18.07.2021 | Exhibition

sonotopia – the sonic explorers

The international exchange project "sonotopia - the sonic explorers" by bonn hoeren sends young sound artists on an artistic expedition to 3 cities on 3 continents. After residencies in Tehran, Valparaiso and Dakar, 12 young artists will perform interventions and actions at locations in Bonn North in July and then present the results of the entire project in an exhibition at the Künstlerforum Bonn, which will open on 9 July 2021 at 6 pm.


Since 2015, the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the Federal City of Bonn has been organising "bonn hoeren - sonotopia", an annual European competition for installation sound art to promote young artists. The competition is linked to the realisation of a new sound installation in Bonn by the first prize-winner. In recent years, the city has experienced a number of excellent sound art works created by promising young European sound artists who are already active artists.

The international residency and exchange project "sonotopia - the sonic explorers" now turns former sonotopia award winners into explorers for the first time and sends them on an artistic expedition around the world. For one month each, two sound artists will travel to project and research residencies to work together with two young local artists: in October 2019 to Tehran (Iran), in February 2020 to Dakar (Senegal). The module originally planned in Valparaiso (Chile) will be postponed to 2021 and moved to Bonn. They will be supervised by local partner organisations and an experienced mentor.

On the occasion of the Beethoven anniversary, the young sound artists from the partner cities and the former sonotopia prizewinners will come together for a joint residency in Bonn to exchange their experiences, question their work in a new context and develop it further. How do we listen in Bonn today? Can we learn from the experiences of the listening worlds of other cultures? What does the city sound like today?

At the beginning of July 2021, a total of 12 young sound artists will perform interventions, actions and discursive formats in the Bonn North district and subsequently present the process and the results of the overall project in an exhibition at the Künstlerforum Bonn, which will open on 9 July 2021.


Künstlerforum Bonn
Hochstadenring 22-24
53119 Bonn

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