19.04.2020 to 19.04.2020 | Concert

Ta-Ta-Ta-TAAA Allow me to introduce myself: Beethoven – Ludwig van Beethoven

Fidolino concerts for children from the age of 4 years


Kinderkonzertreihe Fidolino

Did Ludwig van Beethoven really count the coffee beans when making coffee, so that there would be exactly 60 per cup? And was he really often in a bad mood and grouchy or is that a myth? Why did he move house at least 24 times in Vienna? And why is it still so famous today, even though he lived 250 years ago? As we celebrate his 250th birthday, questions upon questions arise on Ludwig van Beethoven, his character and of course his music, and we will get to the bottom of them all in the children's concert. The concert will feature many compositions by Beethoven, stories about the composer, his letters and a wonderful encounter.

Thomas Krügler - Speaker
Johanna Kölle - Violin
Natalia Gamper - Piano
Claudia Runde - Flute / Artistic Director, Concept and Presenter
Judith Hinterding- Stage Design and Costumes
Ulrich Holle - Director


Festhalle Viersen
Hermann-Hülser-Platz 1
41741 Viersen

Admission prices

Tickets: €5.50


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Travelling to the venue

Großer Parkplatz direkt an der Festhalle
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