26.09.2020 to 08.11.2020 | Exhibition

The art? What would I be without it? - Space is score

"Space is Score" is part of a contemporary homage in two parts: The exhibition "Raum ist Partitur" at the Künstlerforum Bonn combines sound compositions with six current artistic positions and Mauricio Kagel's "Beethovenzimmer".

The exhibition/composition "RAUM IST PARTITUR" at the Künstlerforum Bonn interlocks contemporary composition with six current artistic positions of visual artists* of different genres (painting, video art, photography, sculpture, performance, drawing): Ulrike Arnold, Ingo Bracke, Rosa M Hessling, Gudrun Kemsa, Jochen Kitzbihler, Norvin Leinweber, as well as Mauricio Kagel's "Beethovenzimmer".

Together with the Trobairitz Maria Jonas (+ the Ars Choralis Coeln Ensemble) Johannes S. Sistermanns develops a multi-media spatial composition, which decodes the visual art works in structure, color and form in conjunction with the spatial parameters in the Künstlerforum Bonn by means of a graphic score. The musicians* Maria Jonas (soprano), Irene Kurka (soprano), Lucia Mense (flutes), Albrecht Maurer (fiddle and viola), Bassem Hawar (Iraqi Djoze) appear in changing instrumentation. In an intensive collaboration, the participating musicians and artists will create several times live a score that Johannes S. Sistermanns composed especially for the exhibition - the room becomes a score!

After the world premiere, the sound will be transmitted to the outside of the city by means of a transducer on the glass front of the Künstlerforum.

Vernissage exhibition: Saturday, 26.09.2020, 4 pm

Finissage exhibition: Sunday, 8.11.2020, 3 pm

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Tue - Fri 15 - 18 h, Sat 14 - 17 h, Sun 11 - 17 h


Saturday, 26.09.2020, 6 pm (world premiere)

Saturday, 26.09.2020, 7 pm

Sunday, 25.10.2020, 5 pm

Sunday, 25.10.2020, 6 pm

Please note that due to the pandemic we can only admit a limited number of participants to the concerts.
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