05.02.2021 to 18.02.2021 | Opera

THE BEETHOVEN LIE A conspiracy opera.

One would like to put the dead man on duty in 2020 on a pedestal, but doubts arise: can we rely on tradition, or are all the titans of music history just inventions of an industry that produces celebrities for the global market?

The Serkowitz Volksoper is investigating a conspiracy...

And now the very special contribution of the independent music theatre ensemble around Wolf-Dieter Gööck and Milko Kersten to the Beethoven Year: on 5 February 2021 in Dresden's FriedrichstaTT Palast the world premiere, one year later than planned, of THE BETHOVEN LIE - A CONSPIRATION OPERA.

Although "The Beethoven Lie" will be a homage to the master on the one hand, it also contains various conspiracy theories and effortlessly proves that Beethoven never existed. "This balancing act, typical of the Serkowitz Volksoper, is responsible for a considerable part of the effect on the audience, which shows a growing interest in our kind of political theatre," says Wolf-Dieter Gööck, who wrote the texts for the conspiracy opera. For the first time Cornelius Uhle is responsible for the production, the music is penned by Milko Kersten, and Julia Pommer is responsible for the set design.

Everything revolves around the "dead on duty" of the year 2020, but in the course of the evening it turns out that Beethoven and all the major composers since 1791 are pure inventions of the music industry. The truth is that there is a ghostwriter called Mozart, who is still alive and continues to compose with great pleasure. However, knowledge of this (demonstrable) fact is suppressed by global financial capital. The result is the performance of an opera that takes place in heaven, on earth and on the seabed. Central figures are, among others, the good God and the Steller's manatee. The hitherto unknown composition of Beethoven is of course by Mozart. The project is supported by the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the State Capital Dresden, Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden and the consortium of: Federal Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media (BKM), Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH (BTHVN 2020), the Federal Music Association Choir & Orchestra e.V. and Beethoven...Anders.

Admission prices

expected: 22 Euro plus VVK fee


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