16.09.2021 | 20:00 | Opera

"The Greatest Fugue" - An opera by Elliott Sharp (world premiere)

"The Greatest Fugue" is a 70-minute monodrama about Beethoven's late phase with the spectacular bass baritone Nicholas Isherwood, a string quartet and ready-made and live electronics.


In Situ Art Society presents "The greatest fugue" - An opera by Elliott Sharp

Nicholas Isherwood - Bass baritone

Asasello Quartet:
Rostislav Kozhevnikov - Violin
Barbara Streil - Violin
Justyna Sliwa - Viola
Teemu Myöhänen - Violoncello

Elliott Sharp - Music, Libretto, Artistic Director, Prerecorded Instruments
Janene Higgins - Projection Design

A production of the In Situ Art Society

In the years after 1815, the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven was confronted with several problems: physical, emotional, financial. His deafness is almost complete, he relies on "conversation books" for communication. He withdraws into deep fugue states, often associated with schizophrenia, and receives strange visions, both heavenly and terrible. In their clarity, they do not resemble hallucinations, but rather visits from a parallel reality, scenes from an impending future. Beethoven has revelations of wonderful inventions, shining ships in the air, unheard music, bloodbath beyond belief. From these states he composes, translates these scenes into music that stretches the rules until they are on the verge of destruction.

For over 35 years, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer Elliott Sharp has been a key figure in the New York avant-garde and experimental music scene. He has recorded numerous CDs - from blues, jazz and orchestral music to noise, wave, rock and techno. Over the years, Sharp has led many ensembles, such as the blues-oriented Terraplane or Orchestra Carbon, as well as Tectonics and SysOrk, and improvised with John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Christian Marclay, Marc Ribot, Joey Baron and many others. He has written music for Ensemble Modern, the Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt and the JACK Quartet.

Funded by BTHVN2020 and the Kunststiftung NRW.


Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena
Bornheimter Straße 130
53119 Bonn

Admission prices

€ 18 | € 12 reduced
(for members of the In Situ Art Society:
€ 12 | € 8 reduced)

Ticket information

Ticket reservation: tickets@in-situ-art-society.de | Tel.: 0174/1839210


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