05.09.2020 to 05.09.2020 | Drama

TKKG - Caught in the past (premiere)

TKKG - Caught in the past is an exciting criminal case that forces the young detectives Tim, Karl Klößchen and Gaby to take a virtual journey through time. At the same time the story tells a lot about the fears, worries and hopes of young people during the Corona crisis. The focus is on the phenomenon of the flight from reality into a virtual game world - a tendency that has been intensified by the Corona crisis, but which Michael Ende has already taken up in his novel 'The Neverending Story'.

Summer 2020 - the corona virus has the TKKG city firmly in its grip Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gaby, the popular junior detectives, have been stuck in their apartments for weeks, bored to death and tensed to tears - and only have contact with each other via video chats. But today suddenly all strategy games have been plundered, the swindler has stolen virtual gold from them, which had a very high value in real life. Yannic is completely desperate, and the four junior detectives are as if electrified by the idea of being able to take on a real case despite the curfew. So TKKG decide to follow Yannic into the virtual world of the game and search for the crook who stole his gold. Karl and Dumpling occasionally play similar games, but for Tim and Gabi this opens up a whole new world. They would never have guessed how detailed and lifelike this virtual world is.

With their avatars, which are created on the fly, they follow Yannic to the centre of the place that turns out to be the royal seat of Bonn at the end of the 18th century. Yannic urges the four to hurry and wants to lead them to the place where the robber robbed him of his gold. But then they meet an avatar in the shape of a 15- or 16-year-old boy who claims to be the young Ludwig van Beethoven - but without realizing that he will one day become the most famous composer of the world. It's like becoming... This case is getting more and more mysterious. Whoever played this Ludwig avatar seems to be in cahoots with the culprit, if not the culprit himself...

Moritz Seibert is directing this play for audiences aged 10 and up.


Telekom Forum
Landgrabenweg 151
53227 Bonn

Admission prices

The piece is streamed online and can be watched from home on a PC. If it is permitted up to the time of the performances, a limited number of viewers can also follow the production live in the Telekom Forum.
We will announce the start of advance ticket sales and the streaming platform at the beginning of August at www.jt-bonn.de


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