22.11.2020 to 22.11.2020 | 17:00 | Concert

Travelling Across Europe with Beethoven

The 12 Hellweger Cellists, Direction: Felicitas Stephan


On their musical journey through Europe, the 12 Hellweger Cellists will make an extensive stop in Bonn and interpret Beethoven's most famous program music - the Pastoral Symphony - for 12 cellos in an instrumentation never heard before.



The 12 Hellweger Cellists, Direction: Felicitas Stephan

The 12 Hellweg cellists come from nine different countries, but they have two things in common: they live along the Hellweg in Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Witten, Unna and Werl and they play the cello virtuously in all registers. They inspire with virtuosity, playfulness and ingenuity. The ensemble was founded for the first "Celloherbst am Hellweg" in 2004.

For many - especially younger listeners - the encounter with the 12 Hellweger Cellists is the entrance into the often unknown world of classical music. These are wonderful family concerts for everyone from five to 95 years of age.

A visit to Beethoven in Bonn is the highlight of the 12 Hellweger Cellists' new program. Beethoven's "Pastorale" will be heard for the first time in this instrumentation for 12 cellos. With their own virtuosity and musical sensitivity, the 12 Hellweger Cellists will interpret Beethoven's melodies and provide a very special concert experience with the richness of sound of their instruments.

Further stops on this sonorous flight of fancy over the entire continent of Europe will be France with Marc-Antoine Charpentier's European Anthem, Spain with Asturias by Isaac Albeniz, Norway with Edvard Grieg's Peer-Gynt Suite, Italy with Vibrez by Giovanni Sollima, before the journey reaches a further highlight with Maurice Ravel's Bolero, which was played for the first time in this unusual instrumentation for 12 cellos at the Cello Autumn.




Konzertsaal Friedenskapelle
Willy-Brandt-Weg 37B
44815 Münster

Admission prices

Tickets: AK 24€, VVK 20€

Ticket information

VVK:  http://www.friedenskapelle.ms und 


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