05.09.2021 | 18:00 | Concert

Wien, New York, Paris

Marino Formenti piano


Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Ives and Jean Barraqué


For Beethoven's last sonata, programmer Marino Formenti suggests a surprising following. Opus 111, with its dramatic first movement and its infinitely far-reaching variation finale, has faded away, but Charles Ives opens up a crass American counter-world. Compact chords pile up lustfully, overlapping twitching ragtime rhythms. Finally, Formenti is probably one of the very few who master Jean Barraqués monumental sonata. Hasn't it, so to speak in the slipstream of Pierre Boulez, become a kind of "fortepiano sonata" of the 20th century? Boldly formed, uncompromisingly formulated - a borderline experience for interpreter and listener...


Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Bonngasse 20
53111 Bonn

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€ 32

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