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Due to the current Corona development, most of the announced events will not take place in the foreseeable future. Please contact the organizer regarding info about the event realisation and possible ticket refunds.

The BTHVN2020 Database contains all the events that take place within the framework of the anniversary year in Germany. As Beethoven's anniversary year is designed by various actors, ticket sales start individually by each organizer.

The BTHVN2020 events which take place in Nordrhein-Westfalen are subdivided into the following genres: Exhibition, Concert, Concert Format, Festival, Opera, Dance, Theme Week, Drama, Performance, Lecture and Congress. Under the genre 'Side programme' you will find an abundance of events, which additionally take place nationwide in the year 2020. 

Information subject to change at short notice. We assume no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the information.


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Fidelio am Rhing

Oper Köln im Staatenhaus | 50679 Köln

The "Cäcilia Wolkenburg" theatre ensemble has been adapting well-known musical works for 145 years and will be performing its "Rhenish dialect musical" with a large ensemble a total of 30 times at the Cologne Opera during 2020. "Fidelio am Rhing" relates to the fact that Beethoven spoke the Rhenish dialect all of his life and the plot will therefore not take place in Spain as intended by Beethoven, but in the Rhineland of the 20th century.

02.02.2020 to 03.03.2020


Theater am Bismarckplatz | 93047 Regensburg

The Beethoven Year 2020 starts at the Regensburg Theatre with the world premiere of the opera "Minona" by the Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere, who is already well known in Germany in the field of symphonic music. With "Minona", he introduces himself to the German opera audience for the first time.

On the occasion of Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday, the opera is dedicated to the fate of Minona von Stackelberg. Evidence suggests that she is Beethoven's biological daughter.

25.01.2020 to 30.05.2020
Side programme

Beethoven! (Premiere)

Theater Krefeld | 47798 Krefeld

A ballet about Beethoven: choreographer Robert North shows us the creative artist, the ingenious composer with great ideas on current affairs and burdensome experiences in life, the vulnerable idealist clinging to the utopia of a better world, personified by a dancer, pianist and actor, and illuminates life-changing situations, embedded in an exciting chapter of European history.

Music: Beethoven, Bach, John Cage, André Parfenov

25.01.2020 to 23.06.2020


Verschiedenste Stellen des Bonner Stadtgebiets | 53111 Bonn

Let yourself be surprised and b9flashed!

25.01.2020 to 17.12.2020

The relation of blur | Michael Graeve

Das Esszimmer - Raum für Kunst+ | 53129 Bonn

In his examination of Ludwig van Beethoven and his own artistic techniques, both as a painter and as a sound artist, Michael Graeve creates an interface between music and painting, developing a tonal, painterly and contemporary answer to questions arising from Ludwig van Beethoven's compositional work, thus referring to the blurs in his late work.

23.01.2020 to 26.03.2020
Side programme

Fidelio – Opera by Ludwig van Beethoven / Musical Arrangement of the Finale by Annette Schlünz / Development of the Production by Theater Bremen / Libretto by Joseph Sonnleithner, Stephan von Breuning and Georg Friedrich Treitschke based on Jean Nicolas B

Staatstheater Darmstadt / Großes Haus | 64283 Darmstadt

Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera "Fidelio" was composed as a "rescue opera" in the spirit of the French Revolution and tells the story of a fearless woman overcoming arbitrary and tyrannical despotism: Leonore. Disguised as a man called Fidelio, she manages to free her husband Florestan from the clutches of his adversary Don Pizarro. What did freedom mean in the past and what does it mean today?

18.01.2020 to 09.04.2020
Side programme

BTHVN WEEK 2020: Beethoven Pure

Kammermusiksaal des Beethoven-Hauses Bonn | 53111 Bonn

Beethoven’s complete chamber music. With surprising contextualizations and internationally renowned artists. ​​​​​​​

17.01.2020 to 09.02.2020


Ein dezentraler Ausstellungsparcours von der Museumsmeile bis zum Bonner Norden | 53113 Bonn

Church meets condor, icons of the Middle Ages meet designer fashion, avatars appear in a subway station, university towers become "landmarks" in times of upheaval: "Everything is now!" is the motto of the exhibition tour through both known and to be discovered places in Bonn.

Opening: Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 18h in the foyer in front of the University Museum


14.01.2020 to 01.03.2020

“Beethoven and...”

Ten concerts with “Beethoven and ...” as their theme. The focus will be on music for and with piano, including lieder and chamber music. One of Beethoven’s works will be juxtaposed with works by contemporaries with the same instrumentation to reveal compositional influences from Europe. International experts guide the audience through each concert.

05.01.2020 to 06.12.2020


Konzerthaus Freiburg | 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

The City of Freiburg is home to an almost unique variety of orchestras, by students for students. There is at least one suitable orchestra for every level of skill and desire. On 17 December 2020 Beethoven’s 250th birthday will be celebrated and the year will also represent the 900th anniversary of the City of Freiburg’s founding – cause for a double celebration. Why not form a ring of Ludwig van Beethoven’s nine symphonies with eight of the best student symphony orchestras?

01.01.2020 to 17.12.2020
Side programme
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