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Due to the current Corona development, most of the announced events will not take place in the foreseeable future. Please contact the organizer regarding info about the event realisation and possible ticket refunds.

The BTHVN2020 Database contains all the events that take place within the framework of the anniversary year in Germany. As Beethoven's anniversary year is designed by various actors, ticket sales start individually by each organizer.

The BTHVN2020 events which take place in Nordrhein-Westfalen are subdivided into the following genres: Exhibition, Concert, Concert Format, Festival, Opera, Dance, Theme Week, Drama, Performance, Lecture and Congress. Under the genre 'Side programme' you will find an abundance of events, which additionally take place nationwide. 

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Chamber music Beethoven-Mozart

Festsaal Weißes Brauahaus Kelheim | 93309 Kelheim

The Clemente Trio was founded in 1986 by Paul Rivinius (piano) and the brothers Peter and Carl Clemente (violin and cello). Since 1994 Konstantin Pfiz is the cellist. The 1st place at the International ARD Competition 1998 in Munich promoted the fame of the young trio. Nicola Birkhan, viola, joins the trio. She has been a member of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2005.

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Picture credits: Peter Clemente

07.11.2021 to 07.11.2021
Side programme

1st Family Concert "Leonore

Opernhaus des Nationaltheaters Mannheim | 68161 Mannheim

An extremely courageous and clever woman is at the centre of Beethoven's only opera. Leonore, disguised as the lad Fidelio, puts her life on the line when she infiltrates the prison of the vile Don Pizarro to free her husband Florestan from his constraints. We accompany Leonore on her perilous journey down into the twisted dungeons and listen for what the music of the opera reveals about Beethoven's personality and values.

07.11.2021 to 07.11.2021
Side programme

Moved by the sound. The cinema and Ludwig van Beethoven

Zeughauskino | 10117 Berlin

Sometimes ruthlessly, but usually turning things radically upside down: the cinema creates its own version of Ludwig van Beethoven's work.

03.10.2021 to 13.11.2021

Missa solemnis: "The thing about peace"

Kreuzkirche Bonn | 53113 Bonn

"Music must strike fire from the human spirit." L.v. Beethoven. Missa Solemnis, Kantorei and Orchestra of the Kreuzkirche Bonn and many more. Beethoven: Missa solemnis - grandiose, artistic, ingenious. The project "The thing abput peace" discovers the socio-political explosive of this music through controversial juxtaposition with music, art and words from completely different fields.

13.06.2021 to 28.11.2021

Beethoven Tour

A multimedia tour of stations with different themes and aspects on Ludwig van Beethoven brings the composer “back to life” in a public setting. The use of incisive elements at various locations in Bonn and the Rhine-Sieg District presents Beethoven to visitors, as well as the people of Bonn and the region, in a new way.

12.10.2019 to 31.07.2022
Leichte Sprache
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