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Due to the current Corona development, most of the announced events will not take place in the foreseeable future. Please contact the organizer regarding info about the event realisation and possible ticket refunds.

The BTHVN2020 Database contains all the events that take place within the framework of the anniversary year in Germany. As Beethoven's anniversary year is designed by various actors, ticket sales start individually by each organizer.

The BTHVN2020 events which take place in Nordrhein-Westfalen are subdivided into the following genres: Exhibition, Concert, Concert Format, Festival, Opera, Dance, Theme Week, Drama, Performance, Lecture and Congress. Under the genre 'Side programme' you will find an abundance of events, which additionally take place nationwide. 

Information subject to change at short notice. We assume no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the information.


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OrganFestival - concert in the catholic parish church Sankt Margareta in Neunkirchen

Pfarrkirche Sankt Margareta | 53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid

Very British


Start of the concert at 17:00, duration: approx. 90 minutes (without intermission)

20.06.2021 to 20.06.2021

FULLY BOOKED: Introduction to Oriental Rhythms

Das Musiknetzwerk | 53173 Bonn



"1001 Beats between Bonn and Babylon" (1001 Takt zwischen Bonn und Babylon) is a transcultural music project with a total of 45 interactive offers, workshops and events. It promotes intercultural encounters and social coexistence in diversity by building musical bridges between the Orient and Occident. The focus is on putting together an ensemble of German and “Oriental” musicians, and practicing integration through music.

20.06.2021 to 20.06.2021

B free

Kottenforst Bonn | 53127 Bonn

And suddenly everything is different. Nothing is the way it was before and nothing will be the same for a long time. In this time of great uncertainty and disorientation, "B free" leads us into the silence of the forest, creates visual and musical events that irritate, touch and amaze us. Encounters that question us about our human nature and our ideas of freedom for tomorrow. Be part of this landscape composition "B free".

20.06.2021 to 20.06.2021

Beethoven goes public again

Online (aufgezeichnet im Schloß Alfter) | 53347 Schloß Alfter

A musical performance project in the public space with drama students

20.06.2021 to 25.07.2021

ARCHIPEL - A Spectacle of Mixtures

Theater der Welt 2021 Düsseldorf, Central/Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus | 40210 Düsseldorf

Nature has become an artefact, humans and plants have become sisters, new humanoid existence emerges and feels its powers in the archipelago of possibilities. Architecture, dance and music follow these visions and intermingle: the sculpture by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is stage, landscape and musical instrument with which the choreography by Stephanie Thiersch and the music by Brigitta Muntendorf work on the intermingling of genres in the search for understanding.

18.06.2021 to 20.06.2021

Missa solemnis: "The thing about peace"

Kreuzkirche Bonn | 53113 Bonn

"Music must strike fire from the human spirit." L.v. Beethoven. Missa Solemnis, Kantorei and Orchestra of the Kreuzkirche Bonn and many more. Beethoven: Missa solemnis - grandiose, artistic, ingenious. The project "The thing abput peace" discovers the socio-political explosive of this music through controversial juxtaposition with music, art and words from completely different fields.

13.06.2021 to 28.11.2021

Zündstoff Beethoven

Beethoven-Haus Bonn | 53111 Bonn

Special exhibition of the Paul Sacher Foundation.

Daily between 10-17 o'clock


postponed to 2021: 3 June to 3 October 2021

03.06.2021 to 03.10.2021

'Sound and Silence - the sound of silence in contemporary art'

Kunstmuseum Bonn | 53113 Bonn

The exhibition Sound and Silence is dedicated to the theme of silence and stillness in the field of contemporary visual art. The presentation is realised in view of the anniversary of the 250th birthday of Ludwig von Beethoven and takes the progressive process of his deafness as a starting point for the fundamental question of the relationship between sound and silence, the productive and at the same time destructive power of silence and the impossibility of complete silence.

27.05.2021 to 05.09.2021

" Susan Philipsz. The Calling — A sound installation for the Viktoriabad"

Viktoriabad | 53113 Bonn

The Scottish artist, Turner Prize winner and participant in documenta 13 (2012) always works with the interaction of sound and space in her installations, which are developed specifically from the site.

29.04.2021 to 04.07.2021

Ludwig is alive! Beethoven in Pop

rock'n'popmuseum | 48599 Gronau

The interactive special exhibition in the rock'n'popmuseum will be devoted five months to the perennial phenomenon of Ludwig van Beethoven. A pop star during his lifetime, the enthusiasm for his work continues to this day. Exhibits, sound and video recordings and an innovative exhibition design surprise visitors and show them that Beethoven can still be found everywhere, in advertising, in mobile phone ringtones, in comic strips or in the songs of current hip hop or heavy metal artists.

25.04.2021 to 03.10.2021
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