Digital BTHVN2020 Projects

The Corona virus is affecting many events and funding projects planned for the Beethoven anniversary year. Some project partners and organisers have rescheduled their projects and now offer a digital cultural programme. On this page there are a few insights.


Being Beethoven

For eighteen months, the author Tilman Strasser operated the BeethovenBot. The virtual presence of the composer was fed by his letters - and thus reacted to the Corona crisis, politics and Twitter abuse. In this video essay, Bot and letter searcher take stock. The project was funded by BTHVN2020.

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Stargate Prohaska: A project by the Theater Bonn

After Beethoven's play music Leonore Prohaska: In December 2019, the Theater Bonn began to develop this participatory play. Due to Corona, Stargate Prohaska soon became a hybrid project. In an exciting new rehearsal process and the exploration of all possibilities, six performers finally came together again and again digitally and live to talk, rehearse, write texts and dream. The premiere had to be cancelled, but the following video production gives a small insight into the joint rehearsal work. 

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Beethoven: The Bonn Years

In its volume of the 'Bonner Geschichtsblätter' published by the head of the Bonn City Archives, Dr. Norbert Schloßmacher, the Bonner Heimat- und Geschichtsverein deals with "Beethoven. The Bonn Years" with the two decades in which Beethoven lived in his home town. In 19 contributions, the circumstances in the city, the atmosphere, in other words also the prevailing spirit in which Beethoven was socialised, are described. With 560 pages, the volume includes numerous illustrations and a detailed index of persons. The production of the contributions was supported by BTHVN2020.

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The Instagram channel of Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH features short trailers as well as interviews with BTHVN2020 funding recipients. They report on the challenges of the Corona pandemic and how they have rescheduled or further developed their funding projects accordingly.

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Installation at the Frauenmuseum Bonn

In the course of the exhibition "Beethoven and the Question of Women" at the Frauenmuseum Bonn, there was the sound art installation "The Piano Teacher" by Julja Schneider and Gerhard Kern. Below is the TalkingArt video about the exhibition.

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"Bonn's golden age - the royal seat of the Electorate of Cologne in Beethoven's time".

The StadtMuseum Bonn presents content from the exhibition "Bonn golden age - the royal seat of the Electorate of Cologne in Beethoven's time" in several videos. This exhibition conveys impressions of the social, cultural and economic life in the residential city of Bonn during Beethoven's time. Dr. Ingrid Bodsch, director of the museum, Professor Ingrid Fuchs and Professor Otto Biba from the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna will guide visitors through part of the exhibition in two videos.

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THE TRIO PROJECT: VARIATION X Choreographic concert

VARIATION X by Annalisa Derossi/ARTbewegt e.V. explores the interactions between music and dance in an unusual constellation. Each of the artists here is a professional musician as well as a dancer. The focus is initially on the performance of the Beethoven Trio op. 11, from which an independent piece gradually unfolds, in which sound and movement are interwoven in a richly visual form. 

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ENCHOR - Singing in the 21st century

The project EnChor, funded by BTHVN2020, aims to examine classical works of vocal music in a contemporary context and to ask how composers today deal with musical questions of earlier times. This project wants to develop new and exciting works by contemporary composers for a diverse, courageous and creative amateur choir scene and wants to bring them to their first performance.




'Eroica' in pocket format - arrangement for chamber ensembles

Ludwig van Beethoven's Third Symphony in E flat major op. 55, known as "Eroica", as an arrangement for four chamber music ensembles. The concert in the context of Beethoven's anniversary year was recorded with members of the WDR Symphony Orchestra at the end of September 2020 at the Wallrafplatz broadcasting center in Cologne. The recording was made as part of a production in collaboration with BTHNV2020.

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B9Flashed 2.0: Chor-Flashmob digital

The Cultural Office of the City of Bonn developed together with the Philharmonic Choir of the City of Bonn, the Bonn Chamber Choir as well as the Kantorei der Kreuzkirche and the Chamber Choir of the Kreuzkirche "Vox Bona" the project "B9Flashed" for the Beethoven anniversary year. The project would involve short concerts by the many Bonn choirs in public places once a month. Since the choirs are no longer able to perform due to the corona pandemic, a video has now been produced.

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Junges Theater Bonn: TKKG - caught in the past

The play by the Junges Theater Bonn is dedicated to Beethoven's 250th birthday and leads the youthful investigators Karl, Tim, Gaby and Klößchen as well as the audience into the virtually reconstructed Bonn of the year 1786, where Beethoven lived as a 15-year-old boy. The focus is on the phenomenon of escape from reality into a virtual game world - a tendency intensified by the Corona crisis. The premiere of this digital play took place on September 5, 2020 at the Telekom Forum and was broadcasted on MagentaTV. 

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'Egmont's Revenge' or the fabulous journey of little green Ludwig

In 2019 the artistic directors of the Youth Jazz Orchestra of North Rhine-Westphalia were commissioned to write jazz adaptations of his works for the Beethoven anniversary. At that time, of course, nobody could have guessed that the performance of these works would have to be postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. Instead, the JJO moved its activities (like so many other musicians) to the Internet: The commissioned works were recorded individually and for the most part from home, the entire jazz orchestra only comes together virtually on the net. Stephan Jochen Schulze and his version of Beethoven's 'Egmont Overture' (Opus 84) could not have done otherwise: the notes were all recorded, but the images were missing. Together with three students from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Schulze developed an idea that was inspired by a film classic: While in the 2001 film 'The Fabulous World of Amelie' it is a garden gnome that travels the world in a miraculous way, in the music video Beethoven himself experiences similar adventures as a smiling sculpture by the artist Ottmar Hörl.

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Jazz meets organ: Star organist Barbara Dennerlein as guest

In the course of the organ festival in the Rhein-Sieg district, jazz organist Barbara Dennerlein will play the 'Queen of Instruments' on Sunday, August 23, 2021 at 5 pm in the Auferstehungskirche in Siegburg. Through her masterful control of the pedals, she succeeds by scooping the full works she composed especially for the pipe organ with immense sound possibilities and in making the church organ, which at times seems a little sluggish, vibrate.

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Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: Beethoven exhibition

From the largest collection of Beethoven autographs of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, an exhibition unprecedented in its quality and richness has been compiled. The exhibition "This Kiss of the Whole World" is part of the nationwide program BTHVN2020 on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The exhibition is also available virtually. In addition, further content has been made available digitally, such as some 3D objects and music autographs. For the 9th symphony there is also an own website.

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FLOW-RA - Pastoral Inspiration

In the Beethoven Year, the artists of FLOW-RA's Forest and Meadow Concerts bow to Beethoven and dedicate a special series of five concerts to him, transforming the 6th Symphony into the here and now.

On stage three top-class musicians, around the stage, on bushes, flowers and trees: sensors. The musicians use them to capture electrical signals from the plants, which, orchestrated with their own sounds, they relate to Beethoven's music. The pianist records them, plays them or improvises. Flowing, unexpected and free. Playfully inspired by the pastoral environment. Everything around - the rustling of the wind, the chirping of birds, the gurgling of a brook - merges with the instrumental music to form a natural orchestra.

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Beethoven Laboratory 2020: Virtual Festival

As a virtual festival with a virtual exhibition, the Akademie der Künste presents online the programme 'Beethoven Laboratory 2020', which has been produced behind closed doors, with over 10 world premieres, a sound installation, a music theatre and an exhibition on the theme of experimentation. Originally planned for mid-March, the festival was intended to make the musical and interdisciplinary results of a four-year collaboration between young composers accessible live to a broad public. Due to the shutdown necessitated by the Corona pandemic, the concerts could not be performed in front of an audience and were instead recorded in sound and vision. These works can now be listened to and explored.

Festival's website


Beethoven-Lounge of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn

The Beethoven Lounge is a musical talk show that takes place every month durch the Beethoven anniversary at the Pantheon Bonn. Currently, it is planned to broadcast the formal in digital form until further notice. Dirk Kaftan and his musicians welcome guests from far and near, culture, politics and society, stars and shooting stars and deal with topics concerning the Beethoven Anniversary Year in a relaxed atmosphere. It's all about outlooks, reviews, philosophy, music, art and of course a little wink!

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Neuland: BE:Community | Stegreif.orchester: Beethoven 9 plus

The Konzerthaus Dortmund currently offers a large number of videos almost daily on its YouTube channel. Among other things, the works on the project "Neuland: BE:Community", which is supported by BTHVN2020, are also shown. The Beethoven Project is a collaborative effort by the stegreif. orchester together with Community Musicans and Dortmunders, which was performed in autumn 2020. This interactive web exchange changes one's own view of music and encourages participation.

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260 days streaming with Susanne Kessel

Bonn pianist Susanne Kessel has set herself the task of digitally processing her BTHVN2020 project '250 piano pieces for Beethoven'. From April 1 to December 16, 2020, one of the 260 composers involved in her project was featured daily on her Facebook page with his piece. The recordings were streamed for one day. Throughout the day, the respective composer was also available for chatting under his or her post.

Facebook    Project's website  Trailer


Podcast: The importance of Beethoven for Salvador Dalí

The Arp Museum showed in the exhibition "SALVADOR DALÍ UND HANS ARP - the birth of memory" parallels in the work of the two contemporaries that have gone unnoticed until now. The artists each developed a unique visual language in the environment of the Paris Surrealists. In addition, there was an exhibition section dealing with Dalí's fascination with the radical artistry of Ludwig van Beethoven. The focus here was a Beethoven portrait of Dalí.

The Podcast


Darius Darek - World BOAT Session

The musician, DJ and transformation activist DARIUS DAREK has been organizing the Bonn 'World Beat Party' in different locations for 15 years. Whether in clubs, opera houses, museums, cultural centres, at UNO conferences, on boats or in the tram: there are no limits to the musical variety of his sets. With the slogan 'REDUCE REMIX REUSE' Darius Darek produced the 'World BEAThoven Album' (BTHVN2020), whose tracks and messages can be heard and seen in this video. The dj set was recorded on board of the MS Beethoven.

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Beethoven's musical world. A Pasticcio

With the new series Knechtsteden.Lab, the Festival Alte Musik Knechtsteden is expanding its range of mediation services into digital space for the first time. Starting with the pieces that were performed in the concert Beethoven's musical world - A Pasticcio on September 22nd 2020 at Knechtsteden Monastery, this website offers a playful insight into Beethoven's life and work. Everything is scientifically sound and digitally processed. After September 22nd 2020, the concert recordings will flow into the Beethoven.Lab as audio samples and round off the online offer.

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LVR-Museums Bonn is offering 'museum at home'

From now on you can explore the LVR-Landesmuseum Bonn from the comfort of your own home. With videos, tutorials and lots of collected knowledge, there are now digital insights - including the current interactive exhibition for the Beethoven anniversary year 2020 'Music! Hearing - making - feeling'. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday there is something new to discover on the museum's blog, the 'museum at home'.

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The Beethoven tour as app

The Beethoven tour is the central project of the BTHVN2020 main theme 'Bonn cosmopolitan'. The multimedia tour with stations on various themes and aspects of Ludwig van Beethoven is intended to bring the artist's life in public space in a new way. The installation of the tour is to be permanently preserved after 2020. The app for the new Beethoven tour BTHVN Story and BTHVN Region is intended exclusively for mobile devices.

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BTHVN2020 App: the augmented reality city tour

In the app, which was commissioned by Deutsche Telekom AG, the 22-year-old virtual Beethoven takes users to seven places in downtown Bonn. The places played a significant role in his life. He explains the most important details in each case. Augmented reality, 3D objects and overlay functions of buildings that no longer exist bring users closer to Beethoven's most important stations before he left for Vienna. Since spring 2021, those interested can also experience the augmented reality tour from home. Selected piano pieces by young international musicians complete this experience. The playful passion is also rewarded: At each sight, virtual lost objects such as music sheets, chandeliers and coins can be collected and put into a virtual backpack. The reward is a digital gift.

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BTHVN2020 Musikfrachter

Actually the BTHVN2020 Musikfrachter was supposed to travel from Bonn to Vienna as Germany's largest mobile music mediation project. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the musical river cruise was cancelled at short notice. As an alternative, the BTHVN2020 Musikfrachter was spontaneously turned into a production studio and recordings were made with different artists. The result is a two times twelve hour stream which can be watched here.




The BeethovenBot, a project of the Literaturhaus Bonn supported by BTHVN2020, is a virtual presence of Ludwig van Beethoven on Twitter. On the basis of his letters and conversation books, a digital personality emerges which is not limited to historical depictions but also enters into contemporary, entertaining interaction. The bot reacts to current events and answers user questions. His statements are original Beethoven quotations; they come from a text pool into which Beethoven's written statements are fed.



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