Light Art in Bonn

Illuminations and Light Sculptures from 14–22 December 2019

Prometheus, the bringer of light, fascinated Beethoven throughout his life. The character was also the inspiration behind the light art installations by the Berlin-based artist collective Schultze/Müller (Nils-R. Schultze,; Felix Müller

The short days and long nights of Beethoven’s month of birth formed the stage for the BTHVN2020 Illuminations in Bonn. Ten light art installations drew on Beethoven’s musical oeuvre and allowed the city of Bonn to be experienced in a new light between 14–22 December, creating memorable images in the minds of the visitors. 

The light installations combined a broad spectrum of different settings to create a complete picture in urban Bonn. They used conventional lighting, basic control systems and very few projections to deliberately avoid attention-grabbing.



Leichte Sprache