The BTHVN2020 logo

As befits Beethoven’s powers of innovation and the wide variety of the Jubilee celebrations, the BTHVN2020 brand supports a so-called ‘liquid branding concept’. The logo can be adapted and varied to suit any activity, and thus loaded with different themes. The logo derives from Beethoven himself: when he signed his scores he sometimes omitted the vowels and wrote ‘Bthvn’. 

The BTHVN2020 brand was developed by the Beethoven-Haus Bonn and Jung von Matt / brand identity ( with the assistance and at the initiative of the communications expert Helmut Andreas Hartwig.

Using the logo

The BTHVN2020 logo may be used free of charge until 30 September 2021 by any event organiser whose projects appear in the event database of this portal and that is funded by BTHVN2020. It may be used in printed form or online, provided that the design guidelines set down in the Corporate Design Manual are observed.

The copyright of the BTHVN2020 logo resides with the Beethoven Anniversary Society. Its use is permitted only with previous written consent. You will receive the various logo templates with a link to our frontify.


The Corporate Design Manual sets down the design guidelines for the use of the logo. The different logos are listed on request.

Download Manual


Beethoven signed some og his scores with 'Bthvn'