Beethoven Pastoral Project: Call for participation

'how happy I am to be able to walk among the shrubs, the trees, the woods, the grass, and the rocks - no one can love the countryside more than I do - for the woods, the trees, and the rocks give a man the inspriration he needs' (Ludwig van Beethoven)



Dear friends of Beethoven around the world,

this is your chance to become a part of the Beethoven Anniversary.
Your art, your music, your creativity can have a positive impact on the world!
The BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT offers an unique opportunity.

In the conciousness of most cultural institutions and artists, sustainability and harmony with nature play an important role.

At the same time opportunities to communicate these central values through artistic content are rare. The Beethoven Pastoral Project invites artists and concert halls, institutions and ensembles from all over the world to join a never before seen network. Together the participants create through ‚their‘ pastoral a powerful statement for climate and environmental protection, for a sustainable development and a better world for all of us.

Music and visual art, performance and film, ranging from classical and traditional to modern and electronic interpretations, there are no boundaries for ‚your‘ Pastoral!

By participating in the Beethoven Pastoral Project you are not only demonstrating your commitment to live in harmony with the environment, but also enjoying the benefits of this global network: Reach new audience-groups, build new sponsoring partnerships with climate related companies, strengthen your connection to decision-makers and create added media value.

Hereby, we invite you to partake in the Beethoven Pastoral Project by…
1st …becoming part of the network with your registration and a short statement on,
2nd …performing your interpretation of the Pastoral Symphony in the anniversary year 2020,
3rd …visualizing your interpretation and uploading a video of your contribution to make it globally tangible.

Please, find further information about the project on our homepage.

 Visit website

And get in touch with us via: pastoralproject(at)
Here you can watch a short film about the Beethoven Pastoral Project by Deutsche Welle.

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Under the patronage of António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.