23.07.2020 to 25.07.2020


- a city course with 10-20 sound/performance installations


Using contemporary techniques, composer Jörg Ritzenhoff directs the rhythmic focus on Beethoven's classical works.


BeatBeethoven is realized in the smallest mobile cells - musicians/sound producers and performers/dancers - on squares, crossroads, in parks, the urban deserts. The installative cells each create their own cosmos, which the stroller ultimately perceives as a whole when walking.


BeatBeethoven - a city parcours with 10-20 sound/performance installations

At the centre of the musical debate is Beethoven as a modern artist. Using contemporary techniques, composer Jörg Ritzenhoff directs the rhythmic focus on the classical work and confronts it with the beats and moves of today.

The model is street music as a performance culture with a strong everyday presence and a great variety of appearances. BeatBeethoven thus realizes himself in the smallest of constellations - one musician/sound generator and one performer/dancer - on squares, at crossroads, in parks, in traffic, thus creating a spanning network for the urban flâneur. The installative cells each create their own cosmos, yet are related to all other cells. Each cell asserts individuality, only when you walk the course does everything come together to form a whole. The hiker chooses the path himself, determines the sequence of the composition through his individual path.

On the basis of the ancient genre of "street music", a musically and performatively exclusive contemporary format is created. The individual stations are an invitation to dance and listen, with an atmosphere that appeals and encourages active participation, whetting the appetite for further stations on the course. Beethoven's innovative power is represented and jointly developed by a heterogeneous group of performers, professionals and amateurs, of different ages and cultural backgrounds, education and dance style.

CocoonDance was founded in 2000 by the choreographer Rafaële Giovanola and the dramaturg Rainald Endraß. Since 2004, the company has been performing the dance section of the Bonn Theater im Ballsaal. The around forty productions that have been created here since 2000 are now touring on five continents. In 2018 the company was invited to the 14th DANCE PLATFORM GERMANY, the most important biennial for contemporary dance.


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